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This week’s question: What are your favorite video game Easter Eggs? 


“I’m really caught up on the Far Cry 4 secret ending right now, which shows that while Pagan Min may be a ruthless dictator, he’s likely the only person in the game who doesn’t lie or take advantage of you.

At the beginning of the game, Pagan Min invites you to his dinner table but needs to take care of a problem first. He asks that you wait for him to return and enjoy the crab. If you sit there for 15 minutes, Pagan will return, thank you for a gentleman, and bring you to scatter your mother’s ashes.

He’ll also tell you the truth about Lakshmana.”


“The most recent Easter Egg that comes to mind is the Megalodon shark in Battlefield 4. There was a rumor going around for the longest that time that, if you activated certain parts of a map in a certain order, a Megalodon would show up and eff your shit up. After hours and hours of searching, no one was able to find the famed Easter Egg.

The search gained so much momentum and popularity, that Dice decided to add the famed shark in a patch. Although hidden, some people managed to find it and let me tell you, it’s quite a spectacle to see it in action!”


“I’m not sure I actually notice/recognize Easter Eggs when I play games since I usually hear about them after I’ve finished a game. I do however vividly remember creeping around the courtyard in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and seeing portraits of Mario, Peach, Luigi, Bowser, and Yoshi through the window.”

Catherine Smith-Desbiens:

“I loved Aisha Tyler’s cameo in Watch Dogs. I was just running down the street when I noticed her characther and I was like: “That looks like Aisha Tyler.” Hacked her phone and lo and behold, I hear her voice.

I also literally laughed out loud when I found the “Plants VS Corpse” book in Dragon Age: Inquisition which is an obvious nod to Plant VS Zombies. For those of you who are curious, you can find it on a farm in Crestwood, near a row of plants and a pile of corpses.”

Catherine Ashley:

“Game devs can be pretty creative with their Easter Eggs, and a really cool one that gave me dem feels was in Destiny when you come across Master Chief’s helmet on Mars. BUT hands down my favorite one was in Wolfenstein: The New Order.  When you to the Resistance’s Headquarters and hop along to the top floor, you’ll find a mattress on the ground with a picture of the original Wolfenstein. When you get near the mattress it gives you the option to do sleepy time, and when you do you’ll jump right into Escape from Castle Wolfenstein. It was so cool, and such a fan service for those who played the original series. THANK YOU, MACHINEGAMES.”

So, what are some of your favorite video game Easter Eggs? Let us know in the comment section below or on Facebook and Twitter.