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Welcome to Twitch & Shout, your weekly spotlight of a Twitch broadcaster! Whether they feature mind-bending puzzles, heroic RPGs, or delve into the retro, we’re going to show you the casters we think you’ll love!

This week we are taking a look at a man whose skill with a controller is matched only by his skill with his voice. Please give a warm welcome for budding vocal artist Elegy of Games

The Caster

Elegy of Games is an up and coming voice actor and full time streamer. Incorporating his talents into his streams, it’s not uncommon for Elegy to fully cast many of the game he’s played. While his vocals are very distinct, he boasts and wide vocal range, as well as a number of accents.

As a gamer his skill is well known, having taken the same gauntlet as last weeks’ ExcessiveProfanity, Elegy has also become the Boshy once before. He has also recently attempted a run through of Sol Gryn’s newest work, Wings of Vi, lauded for its beautiful artwork and challenging gameplay.

The Stream

I was first introduced to the group while Elegy was playing Professor Layton. I’ve never been particularly fond of the series, but Elegy’s wonderful voice work and engagement with his chat made me wish I had a handheld to try it out myself. Part of what makes Elegy a blast to watch is his enjoyment of the experience of playing a game with others. He doesn’t breeze or run through games, but instead relaxes, takes the time to talk with the people in chat, reads all the dialogue, and engages the audience in his decisions. That being said, he does have a very strict no spoiler or back seating rule, as part of the experience of gaming for him is finding out what needs to be done.

There’s never any real tension in the stream, and nothing Elegy does ever seems forced. His behavior and his interactions all come naturally. At the top of the hour, rather than saying he needs a break, he implores his followers to get a drink or nab something to eat so that they can be comfortable. It’s the smallest of touches, but a noticeable one.


One of my favorite moments in any Elegy of Games cast is the welcoming of a new subscriber. As part of his vocal training, Elegy has begun to develop his own Joker voice and has taken to greeting newcomers in his own chilling tone.

The event that most recently comes to mind would be the Mega Man X marathon, a drive lasting a number of days in an effort to help Elegy in shifting locations to what is now known as “Revo Manor”, a home in which he and a few other casters from his Twitch group have moved to.

The Raid

If you’re looking for a relaxing, laid back time I would definitely recommend Elegy of Games. You can catch him 6 days a week from 7PM to midnight Eastern Time. He takes Tuesdays off each week and is very consistent with his schedule.