Devin Kerr


A Nier Miss: Retrospective of a Cult Classic

If I asked you about NIER, you’re reaction would likely range from “Huh”, or “What?”, or perhaps some indescribable string of syllables meant to convey confusion. This game didn’t have a very long selling run in North American before fading into obscurity, and couldn’t be found on most popular gaming stores shelves thereafter. This is a massive disservice to all fine purveyors of the RPG, as NIER is very likely one of my favourite games I’ve played recently.... Read More >
Evolve Big Alpha © 2K Games

Evolve – Prey for Mercy

Evolve presents you with a supremely addictive mechanic that is easy to get into and easier still to become addicted to. However in time I found myself saying “Haven’t I done this before?” and it was at that time that Evolves charm shed like snake skin, and I beheld the true beast in front of me.... Read More >

Devin Kerr


Born in the Suburban Savannah of Chateauguay, living in the urban jungle of Montreal, Devin has been into gaming since the ocarina of Time stole his heart on the Nintendo 64. Mostly a fan of stealth games, at which he is horrible, as well shooters and RPGs, it's hard to find a game he won't play. When not playing Borderlands, watching Firefly for the Some-odd time, or working his Retention Center job, he can likely be found harassing his friends for Tabletop game night or building his latest experimental Magic: The Gathering deck.