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Leonard Nimoy – imgarcade

Just a few short hours ago, the world was informed of the passing of an icon. Leonard Nimoy passed away in his Bel Air residence as a result of a pulmonary disease he made public some time ago. He was 83, and the world has been shaken today by the weight of this loss.

Leonard Nimoy was larger than any role he played on red-curtained stage or silver screen. He was greater than the memories we share of him.

Leonard Nimoy was larger than life.

I don’t say these words as though I know him. This is not meant to be a eulogy or an explanation of what made him great. These words are meant as nothing more than the sad musings of someone who feels a part of the world broke today, and split apart to glide softly into the ethereal unknown. Something must be said to come to terms with the loss felt over such a passing.

I didn’t grow up watching Star Trek. I wasn’t there as a child listening to the jovial and gay song of Bilbo Baggins. I was introduced to Leonard Nimoy much later, but I felt like a child when I first saw him. There was a presence about him on screen and I watched as he stole, at least to my eyes, every scene he was in. Within that presence, however, there was happiness, and love for life.

You have gone to a place beyond the stars you once explored and I can only hope that once there, you find the same peace which you hoped the world could have. I can only speak for myself in saying you will be dearly missed and I hope that the world can fit inside your shoes just once to make this planet better, as you wished it.

Rest in peace Leonard Nimoy. I have been, and always shall be, your friend.

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