Montreal Comiccon has always been a place for geeks, nerds and pop culture fans to gather and bask in the glory of all the things we love. 2015 is turning to to be a special year for us gamers. There has never been more offerings to the gamer at the con than this one! We’ve got a roundup of all the kick ass video game related stuff that you are going to want to check out this year at Montreal Comiccon.

The Guests

It’s the 30th year anniversary of Super Mario Bros. so no better time to go shake the hand of the man that brought Mario to life vocally, mister Charles Martinet. For the Mass Effect fan, go meet Mark Meer, better known as Commander Shepard. If Pokemon is more your thing, say hi to Veronica Taylor, the voice of Ash Ketchum. To see more gaming guests, check out the Montreal Comiccon website.

The Q&As

Don’t want to stand in line for an autograph but still want to hear them speak? Many of the invitees have special question and answer panels that will give you an inside look at the life of video game voice and performance capture. Check out the schedule to plan your day and don’t forget to say hi if you see a few Girls on Games members in the crowd!


Wanna learn how to cosplay your favourite game character? Hear about the Assassin’s Creed brand? Get a game design 101? Get involved in some deep video game discussions? Check out the panels being offered by both video game fans, media and development companies. Might we recommend the Sex/Race: A Cultural Revolutions in Games panel and our very own Girls on Games Podcast: Live and IRL! Full schedule is on

AAA Devs on Site!

Ubisoft, WB Games and Bioware will be on the show floor and from previous years experience, they always have games to play. You might even see games that are not even out yet!!

Creators Night

Organized by our buddies at Multijoueur and hosted by Catherine S-D and Leah of Girls on Games, Creators Night is your chance to see some of the newest and hottest indie games! Approximately 15 local developers will be showing off their wears Friday night from 9 – 11pm. After is a cocktail hour so you can schmooze, booze and talk all things indie games with devs and media alike.

A New World: Intimate Music from Final Fantasy

Fall back in love with the music from this classic series on Friday night with two performances by a variety of chamber ensembles. The programs feature string quartets, piano and guitar solos, duos, trios and other mixed groups of instrumentalists to produce an immediate and personal encounter with the extraordinary FINAL FANTASY musical themes, characters and settings. That is going to be an epic concert.

Super Smash Bros. Tourney

Get your game on playing a little Smash while you enjoy the con! Sign up to play some Super Smash Bros Melee or Super Smash Bros 4 (Wii U) to raise the Montreal Comicup above your head in victory. The tournament starts July 4th (Saturday) at noon. So what are you waiting for?

ESWC CSGO Canadian Qualifiers

Looking to spectate on some eSports prior to the full on Finals the following week? Sunday you can check out the qualifiers for Canadian teams right at Montreal Comiccon. We will be there with bells on to catch all the action.