It’s always hard to find that perfect gift for that special someone, even more so if that special someone is a massive geek. Once again this year, the guys and girls at GoG have got you covered with an amazing selection of gift ideas for everyone on your list. Part 1 is all about gift ideas for the geek on a budget. Everything you will see in this list is under 15$, making it the perfect choice for stockings!

1. Simon – Cute But Deadly Vinyl

Source: Blizzard Store

Our favorite combination of things! Cute AND deadly.


2. Leah – Geeky Cookie Cutters

Source: Etsy – Siliconegamer

Baked goods are always a welcome treat on the cold winter nights. Give your loved ones the gift that speaks to their stomach by making them tasty treats that are geeky themed. From gaming to star wars to comic books, any nerd passion can be found in cookie cutter form.


3. Catherine SD – USB Desktop Fan

Source: Canadian Tire

If you’re the person on your list who complains about always being hot when working / gaming on the computer. It’s quiet, small, portable and the best solution when plugging in an extra appliance in the room means blowing the breaker. You can find these little guys in most electronics stores for under $20.


4. Alicia – The Legend of Zelda-themed Playing Cards

Source: Attract Mode Shop

Looking for a super cute but subtle stocking stuffer for the gamer in your life? These Legend of Zelda cards are where it’s at. Even the suits have been revamped to Rupees, Swords, Tri-Forces and Hearts. Cute!


5. Catherine Ashley – Master Chief Key Chain

Source: Halo Official Store

Obvious answer aside (it’s the Chief), keychains are essential to not losing your keys like I have many a times. This way, if your key chain hits the floor, you’ll hear it if a bunch of crap is attached to it.


6. Pierre-Olivier – 8-Bit Geek Tie


To add some PIZZAZ to your life, why the hell not! Snap on that thing and BAM BAM you got it going oooooon.


7. Shannon – Zombie Apocalypse Bracer

Source: Etsy – PlayBox

Not only is it a cute and low cost bracelet, but you can also custom design a zombie apocalypse survival plan! If you’re a fan of The Walking Dead or Max Brooks novels – it’s a must have.


8. Nick – The Legend of Zelda Phone Cases


Nothing says power like whipping out your Triforce covered phone to place a call to your boss to inform him you won’t be going in today because Hyrule needs you


9. Stephanie – Silver Pac-Man Earings

Source: Etsy – SuHuaSilver

I’ve purchased some earrings from this seller before and they’re really great quality. You also can’t beat paying so little for sterling silver earrings!