Do you have too much money? Are you trying to impress someone? Then boy do we have the perfect gift guide for you! In this last of our 3 part article on gift ideas, we list our favorite 50 dollars or more picks for this Holiday season. So get you credit cards out and start shopping!

1. Simon – Trendnet Powerline Adapter

Source: TRENDnet

If you’re like me and you HATE the spottiness and horrible connection that Wifi sometimes gives, especially when streaming HD content, then do yourself a favor. Powerline ethernet adapters enable you to connect your internet devices from your power plugs. Just connect one to your router and the other into to your device and BAM, wired connection speed from across the house.


2. Leah – PlayStation Holiday Sweater

Source: Numskull

This is probably the easiest way to mix your holiday fashions with gaming :). We all have a Christmas party to go to, and the ‘ugly sweater theme’ has gone from a fashion faux pas to fashion forward. This sweater will work for a guy or gal and if PlayStation isn’t their console of choice, Numskull has other options as well.


3. Catherine SD – Smartphone Camera Lens Kit

Source: Amazon

This is for the Instagramer / Youtuber on your list. This kit includes the following lenses: telephoto, circular polarized (CPL), fisheye, macro and wide angle. The macro lens is perfect for filming unboxings and the wide angle will come in handy when filming a room at large events, like at an eSports final for example.


4. Alicia – 3D Printed Halo 5 Spartan

A must for the Halo fan in your life. Available in 3 different sizes, there’s a mini-Spartan for everyone’s budget. But let’s be honest, the big one will look the coolest next to your XBOX One.


5. Catherine Ashley – Xbox Elite Controller

Source: Microsoft Store

This one’s a no-brainer for gamers, PC and console lovers alike. It’s gotten insanely good reviews and is currently sold out. BUT… but. Let’s not kid ourselves. It is Microsoft and do you think they wouldn’t jump on the Consumption Day Christmas bandwagon? I’m sure the moment Black Friday rolls out, those bad boys will be back in stock.


6. Pierre-Olivier – CM Storm Quickfire TK

Source: CoolerMaster

Some of you might not have a mechanical keyboard yet, and if so, take a look at this one. It’s a compact keyboard with full-sized keys. The keyboard’s secret? It combines the numpad with the arrow keys, and you can switch between one or the other using the Num Lock key. It’s absolute genius, and you can get it outfitted with one of three Cherry MX switches: Blue, red, or brown. Highly recommended!


7. Shannon – Cat Ear Headphones|vendor|axentwear|catearheadhonesbuybutton

Source: Brookstone

Received mixed reviews, but hey, it’s comfy, has external speakers, LED accent lights, a mic for gaming and makes you look like a cute cat person. They’re available for pre-order in four awesome colours!


8. Nick – Any Games you missed in 2015

Source: @forty2gaming

Christmas is the time of year we spend with family and loved ones, but thats only like a weekend or something so after that it’s time to get your game on; after stuffing your face with turkey, potatoes and all those sweet, sweet desserts.


9. Stephanie – 12 Hole Tenor Ocarina “The Hobbit”

Source: STL Ocarina

I already have an Ocarina, but hot damn that Hobbit Ocarina is a thing of beauty. Buy an Ocarina, put on some prosthetic elf ears and prance around outside playing some sweet tunes. Sure your neighbors will think you’re nuts, but I think it will ultimately be worth it. You can also use your Ocarina to annoy your loved ones, so it’s really a steal.