Nothing goes together quite like video games and music. Whether it’s EDM, rock, metal, pop, or any genre, music is quintessential in bringing video games to life. The roots of Girls on Games lies in rock music; our blog started on the spirit of rock, CHOM 97 7 with a copy of Rocksmith. The GoG team consists of music lovers who love to spend their time AFK at the many awesome music festivals this city has to offer. Heavy Montreal is one of them and it’s the kind that brings metal fans, geek culture and video games together. We’ve had amazing experiences at Heavy Montreal, getting the chance to do the Assassin’s Creed Leap of Faith and interviewing Japanese band Baby Metal backstage.

Thursday, we were invited to a special event by the folks at Heavy Montreal to get a sneak peak into this year’s edition. 2016 will be a little bit of a change for those of us familiar with Heavy: going to two days August 6th and 7th, moving a little further into parc Jean Drapeau at Plaine Des Jeux, and sharing a day with the EDM festival ÎleSoniq. Obviously, with these kind of changes, the team at Evenko wanted to reassure us die-hards fans that the festival is going to be just as epic as previous years.

Of course, the make or break of any music festival is the lineup! Even though we were invited to this special event, we too at Girls on Games have yet to know who will grace the stage at Heavy Montreal 2016. Evenko wants to bring a bit of fun to the announcement this year by putting our Metal (\m/), metal (the material) and Heavy Montreal knowledge to the test. At 9am this morning, so as of right now, Evenko has launched the Heavy Montreal Quiz, your way to figure out the Heavy Montreal 2016 lineup before anyone else.

Evenko mentioned that the Quiz will have 6 levels (level 6 being appropriately named 666) and that each contain hints to the lineup. Plus, you will be entered to win the first pair of GOLD WEEKEND PASSES to Heavy Montreal 2016.

So it’s time! Time to test our Metal knowledge and race to find out who will shred our faces off on August 6th and 7th! Go to to take the challenge and if you figure out any of the bands, let us know in the comments below, on Facebook or on Twitter!

Heavy Montreal 2016 Quiz

Heavy Montreal 2016 Quiz