In need of a way to spice up your gaming room, or bedroom? These Geeky DIY pillows are perfect for any space and requires no sewing experience at all. Simply grab your old gamer T-Shirts, and transform them into awesome pillows that will make all your friends jealous!


T-shirt(s) of your choosing
Fabric Scissors
Hot Glue Gun
Hot Glue Gun Sticks
Pillow Filling

Step 1:

With your ruler and marker, draw a box around the design you wish to have on the front of your pillow. The pattern on the pillow I am using, is very rectangular — I decided to keep my pillow this shape rather than square, however that is up for you to decide. After tracing the box around your design, cut the shirt with fabric scissors to create two equal size pieces (front and back of shirt).

Geeky DIY No Sew Pillows Step One

Geeky DIY Pillows Step One. © Stephanie Lyell / Girls On Games

Step 2:

Turn both pieces inside out and place back together. The pieces facing the inside will be the outside of your pillow. Keep this in mind for the back piece, as you may have a tag showing, and will have to adjust accordingly. Once your shirt is placed back together, and the edges are evenly aligned, hot glue the edges of the shirt together. You want to make sure you are gluing the shirt at the same distance from the edge all the way around or else your pillow may end up crooked. DO NOT glue all the way around, leave a tiny hole for you to flip the pillow inside out and stuff it.

Geeky DIY No Sew Pillows Step Two

Geeky DIY Pillows Step Two. © Stephanie Lyell / Girls On Games

Step 3:

Once you are done gluing the edges, turn your pillow inside out again, making the pattern appear on the proper side. A good tip is to put your hand inside the empty pillow, and press into each corner so they pop out all the way. Take your pillow stuffing and fill the entire pillow case. Make sure to press the stuffing into the corners and separate any big clumps or else you will have a very bumpy pillow. Once the pillow is completely stuffed glue together the opening you had left in the prior step.

Geeky DIY No Sew Pillows Step Three

Geeky DIY Pillows Step Three. © Stephanie Lyell / Girls On Games

This DIY is very easy to do, and a great way to impress your friends during your next game night! If you make your own ‘geeky pillows’ share it with us on instagram or twitter and tag @girlsongames — We look forward to seeing your creations!

Geeky DIY No Sew Pillows Final

Geek DIY Pillows Final. © Stephanie Lyell / Girls On Games