Do you have so much money you don’t know what to do with it? Have you been with that special someone and really want to seal the deal this holiday season? These gifts from 50 dollars and up are just for you!



XBOX Design Labs Controller

For the XBOX fan on your list (that already has this year’s hottest titles). Design them a new XBOX One controller, making everything from the thumbsticks to the bumpers fit their personality and top it off with a custom engraving!



DX Racer Chair

Because I have a squeaky chair and always complain about it recording the podcast / streaming… I mean this isn’t a gift for me right? Damn. Ok, cause everyone needs a comfy place to put their butt when gaming 😉



A kigurumi onesie

Warm, comfy and cute AF. Can double as a costume for streams, conventions and the like.



New Nintendo 3DS Special Edition

Don’t have a 3DS, or you have the old one and you absolutely need that improved 3D, the extra thumbstick or the faster processor? Well you’re in luck, as Nintendo is offering a special edition of its New 3DS on sale for Black Friday, for $139.99 in Canada! That’s the cheapest the 3DS has ever been, with only the 2DS ever going for cheaper than that.



USB Blue Yeti Microphone

For any gamer who wants to do voice recording, stream or only play with friends the quality provided by Blue Yeti is awesome. SLR mics can be complicated, it’s good to know there is a good USB mic out there. For optimal sound it’s better used in a very calm environment. Also, it’s often on sale on Amazon.



RPHA 11 Pro Boba Fett/razer mamba mouse

For someone you know likes video games and geeky things… who also drives a motorcycle or does extreme sports – this is pretty cool. Not only is there a Boba Fett helmet, but also a Kylo Ren, Spiderman and Venom helmet too!


Sarah-Alexandra Gaulin

Blizzard 25 Year Anniversary Backpack

The perfect gift for all the Blizzard fans out there. It has the Blizzard logo embroidered on it, as well as the logo of all their games on the sides. A really understated and somber, but very nice and useful backpack!


Shauna (aka Witchling)

Dark Souls: The Board Game

This is the ultimate collector’s gift for the crazed Dark Souls junky in your family (aka ALSO ME!). The boardgame won’t be ready until April but you could still gift your kickstarter contribution! How exciting will it be to have this puppy arrive on your doorstep in April!



Sphero – Star Wars BB-8 App-Enabled Droid

BB-8 was arguably the best part of Star Wars: The Force Awakens (I will fight you on this). This holiday season, provide your loved ones with adorable little android. App controlled with an ever changing personality, BB-8 responds to your voice and commands. Take it on an adventure with you today!



Link Loot

Need something to carry all those rupees? Well here is the person backpack for your travels around Hyrule and beyond!



The Witcher 3 Geralt Armor Premium Zip-Up Hoodie

Can’t get enough of Geralt and the Witcher 3? Mom doesn’t approve of your new Witcher lifestyle and dad refuses to let you wander the world killing monsters for gold? Well, at least you can look great and be comfy in Geralt’s armor as a hoodie. Better than dodging Drowners and fighting for the love of 2 sorceresses, I’ll say.