It was a day just like any other. Kurt is all set for school as the bus arrives. When he gets on board he drifts off to sleep, and the school bus is blasted off to space. After missing several bus stops, Kurt finally gets teleported off at the last stop into the world of Pid. When he looks around he sees a world of hazy blue fog, and quickly runs up the hill, where he’s confronted by a group of seniors. They tell him the bus heading to Whistleton should be arriving any minute, but he soon realizes that they are lying, and that they’ve been waiting there for many years! Kurt decides he is going to walk to the city, and is instructed to walk via the old castle trail. Kurt sets off on his journey through a dangerous route that hasn’t been used in years. Will he make it back to the city alive?

Love Puzzle Platformers? Then You’ll Love This.

As a huge lover of Little Big Planet, I became fond of Pid. The whole game reminds me of LBP. Like the aforementioned game, Pid is a very puzzling side scroller game, where you jump from different platform levels, collect currency, and hidden collectibles throughout your journeys. In Pid, you must avoid all of the little enemies on the map – touch one and you may be faced with a nasty death!

One of the key abilities in the game is the “Beam” power. Kurt is given a glowing orb, which, when shot, creates an anti-gravity tube or beam. This helps when you need to jump over wide gaps in platforms, or onto very high surfaces. The beam ability provides that puzzle atmosphere, requiring you to place beams at the perfect angle, and trying to go from on to the other. These puzzles get progressively harder over time. There are several levels where you must beam your way up walls, and over surfaces to avoid spikes. Hit one spike, and you’re dead!

Another ability you receive are bombs: these help with any blockages throughout the old castle. There were many cases where I’ve had to use a bomb to clear a tunnel, and then beam my way through. These abilities make the game so interesting, and had me trying to figure out all the secret passages. You are also given life vests which allow you to be hit twice, rather than dying after taking just one blow. However, use these sparingly, as you are only allowed to carry one at a time.

Beams over Spikes in Pid © Pid

Beams over Spikes in Pid © Pid

A Beautiful World, Set To An Evocative Soundtrack…

Pid has very relaxing music, which honestly sounds a bit like elevator music. During a long day at work, and after a few web searches, I found the Pid soundtrack. Listen to the soundtrack for yourself here: Spotify Playlist for Pid

One thing I noticed during the game is that the character dialogue has no voice actors, but text boxes only. I honestly can’t tell you if this is a good or a bad thing. Pid is pretty minimalistic and has a very clean artistic vibe. However, without that spoken dialogue or any sound effects, the personal connection between yourself and the character is lost. Let me know your opinion on this in the comments below!

The one thing I LOVED about this game is that I could take my time enjoying the art and surroundings. Pid is so beautiful, and has a very unique art style that you don’t often see in mainstream games. Might and Delight (developers of the game) had been nominated for a couple art awards for this game when released. These awards include Best 3D visual experience, Best Gameplay & Best Artistic Achievement Award.

PID Artwork posters

Pid Artwork Posters © Might and Bright

Overall, Pid is a great game if you’re looking for a relaxing time that isn’t filled with fast action. I’ll definitely be completing this game, and I’m looking forward to all the artwork in the upcoming levels.

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