This month we have teamed up with GAMERCRATES to bring you a review and unboxing of their “Gear” box. GamerCrates is a monthly eSports and gaming subscription box. Every month there is a brand new theme, which brings the eSports world right to your door. These boxes are filled with merchandise related to your favourite games and top brands in the eSports scene.


GAMERCRATES © Stephanie Lyell

1. Top Game Equipment Mouse + GamerCrates Mousepad

When I opened the box, the first thing I saw was the Top Game Equipment Mouse. This is a 7D gaming mouse with 3000 frame rate, 5 million clicks lifetime, and ergonomically optimized. Personally, I wasn’t a huge fan of it. I have very small hands, and this was definitely a bulkier mouse that was fairly wide. I was pleasantly surprised with the mousepad, however. This was just a GamerCrates branded mousepad – the underside had a more sticky surface, and the top had smooth gliding fabric. Although not the most impressive mousepad out there, it was a good addition to the box.

Mouse and Mousepad

Mouse and MousePad © Stephanie Lyell

2. Google Cardboard

I first found out about Google Cardboard during one of our podcasts: GoGCast 67 – Giant Cop. I didn’t know too much about  VR (just tried my first VR game at Twitch Con), so I didn’t know there was a more affordable option to VR that could be made out of cardboard. Google Cardboard costs around $20, which is the same price as the GamerCrates box – SCORE!

Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard © Stephanie Lyell

3. 10′ Soft Braided Micro USB Charging Cable

Out of everything in the box, this was my favourite: a 10′ Soft Braided Micro USB Charging Cable. I am one of those gamers that likes to lay in bed while playing. Often times my PS4 controller dies and I have to sit as close to the TV to have a continuous charge. With a 10′ cable I can now be as lazy as possible and continue to lie down while my controller charges! Not sure if I should be thanking GamerCrates for this, or upset that it has made me even more lazy, ha-ha! 1cable

4. Gamer Snacks

This was probably my least favourite thing in the whole box. Although they are great products, I had recently came back from Twitch Con where I got a ton of Gfuel samples for free. I’m never going to complain about FREE Gfuel, but if someone was buying this box, samples are usually the DEVIL. I also thought the Bacon Jerky was a little too… sweet for my liking. To each their own!

Gamer Snacks

Gamer Snacks © Stephanie Lyell

Overall, I wasn’t a HUGE fan of this box. I would love to try it in a different theme (more game related) such as the COD or CS:GO box. If you’re looking for more “practical” items for gaming, then this block is probably for you. For me personally, I would much rather have decoration pieces, etc.

What do you think about this unboxing? Let us know in the comments below!