Pan-Pan is a 2016 point and click adventure game from Spelkraft Studios. The game opens with the title screen and an animated balloon-spaceship, which is the only object you can interact with. After clicking the balloon several times, it crashes into an isolated island. From that point onward, you control the balloon’s pilot, and explore the island through puzzle solving and interactions with its environment.

I’m Sorry Sir, I Didn’t Quite Catch That

You are dropped into the world with little instructions – and the ones that are given to you come from the island’s locals, who speak a language all their own (sort of like simlish). With these strange instructions (or, in my case, loads of trial and error), you quickly realize that you can solve puzzles and unlock different areas by dropping a battery-ish looking object into a circuit. Once completed, a new area will open. Despite this, I think any “new” gamer can pretty much get the hang of the controls after solving the first puzzle – and the game is full of them! To explore any area of this island, you will need to find these “batteries”, be it in a jungle or a cave.

What is he doing to my spaceship!? - source

What is he doing to my spaceship!? (source)

As Smooth As a Baby’s Bottom

What I enjoyed about searching for these different pieces was that the character moves flawlessly throughout the game’s landscape, giving me a sort of relaxed feeling. In my opinion, other point and click adventure games are a bit of a “pixel hunt”. You’re often stuck clicking on a multitude of objects hoping to find one that you can interact with. In Pan-Pan, finding where to go or what you need isn’t a pain. When areas open up, the camera pans out to show you exactly what you’re getting yourself into. Parts of the ground are brightly lit and interactive objects are highlighted when your character moves closer to them, adding to the relaxing feel of the game. The only real flaw I would argue when it comes to the game’s controls would be controlling the camera angles. It took a bit of getting used to at first, but once you figure it out, it’s no big deal.

Pretty Pastel Colours, Just Like in Kindergarten!

Pan-Pan’s strength is definitely its aesthetic. Much like its gameplay, the pastel colouring throughout the game furthers this calming feeling. Because the colours and, consequently the objects within the game, are so simple looking, you can pay better attention to your surroundings. Often, an object you might have noticed in a previous area (a log, for example) might be important in the area you are currently in. Not to mention, your character is just so freaking cute! I loved watching them interact with their beautiful surroundings. And the music! Gosh, the game sounded amazing. Every sound made in this game just added to that calm and serene atmosphere you feel throughout.

Truly a gorgeous game - source

Truly a gorgeous game (source)

Anxious Puzzle Gamers: This Is For You

If puzzle games stress you out (like they do for this anxious writer), I would suggest giving this game a try! It was just the right amount of challenge and serenity that you would want from a game such as this. I found myself smiling with every puzzle I solved, because the art and gameplay interacted so well. When my character left that tiny island, I felt accomplished, rather than relieved like I usually am after finishing a puzzle game. Pan-Pan hit all the right notes, is full of good feels, and is truly a beautiful adventure.

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