Welcome to our yearly game night which is our version of a Holiday Party. This year, we organised a Video Game Secret Santa where each cast member got assigned a person to recommend a game to, giving three reasons why they think their gift receiver would like to play it. We then have to guess who was our Secret Santa based on said recommendation. Secondly, Cat brought back Guess That Badly Video Game which is pretty self-explanatory. Finally, we play Video Game Theme Trivia where we listen to 20 seconds of a theme song and we have to say from which game it is. So sit back, grab some seasonal snacks and a drink and play along with us!

Crew Check-in (00:04:56)

What is Everyone Playing? (00:20:43)

This Week’s Topic: Game Night (00:35:00)

  • Video Game Secret Santa (00:35:00)
  • Guess The Badly Described Video Game (00:47:37)
  • Video Game Theme Trivia (00:54:27)

Outro and Wrap-up (01:20:46)

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