Well not really, but it feels like it. South Park: The Fractured But Whole has been pinned to my Xbox dashboard since they allowed the pre-order on July 12 2016.

Yep… I’ve been waiting. Mostly patiently… sometimes though, I’d see the icon and just slump like a spoiled child and utter the words “I need this in my life.”

I played The Stick of Truth and fell in love with the turn based game instantly. That’s how high they set the bar on this one. I’m a logical person and thus accept that, when waiting this long for a game, it might not be everything that I have hoped for… Not this time.

To hell with disappointment!

As the game loads and “Press ‘A’” appears on screen, an epic score commences. No, seriously! I could hear this playing over a scene where Wonder Woman emerges unscathed from an explosion… Or wait … Could this be Batman: Arkham Asylum? Nope! It’s South Park: The Fractured But Whole (clever, amiright?)

The embodiment of all things socially inappropriate during my adolescence (and adulthood) has its second masterpiece available for all to enjoy October 17th, 2017.


You feel pumped instantly. Being idle in the main menu triggers the premise scene to the game. There’s an argument at the table while discussing the Franchise Plan for Coon and Friends. The epic 3 phase series includes funny spoofs of D.C, Marvel and even Netflix series.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole Franchise Plan

The Coon explains the franchise plan (via Ubisoft)

The banter is hilarious as usual and while watching Coon and Friends split down the middle, you can’t help but wonder how many times are you going to crack up while playing this?

The answer is A LOT.

“We’ll make way more money with our franchise” mutters Mysterion.

If you’ve watched the trailer then you know there’s turmoil amongst friends. The entire point of the game is to amass money and support for Coon and Friends; Cartman’s Super Hero group so that you can outshine the nemesis – which of course there’s more than one .


Once again, you’re rummaging through everything you can to find useful things and scrap: drawers, garbage cans, fridges. The makeshift costumes are a level up from its predecessor and still range from aspiring super hero to lady of the night. This would be mundane farming mechanic isn’t as tedious because every piece of scrap is comicly identified and/or the conversations around you make it all worth it.

Without question, the hardest thing – hilariously enough – is taking perfect shits. They really upped their approach on that so I imagine once I do a run through on hard mode, I’ll absolutely hate going to the crapper.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole Combat

South Park: The Fractured But Whole Combat (via Ubisoft)

The game is super intelligent and really incorporated the role playing mechanics in true South Park fashion. Needless to say, you’re the outcast working your way to acceptance but battles, sex jokes, and story line are more than enough to make you forget that. The Supers/Ults are more than amusing and, since each character- including your own- have their own personal animation, you’ll want to try them all. Trust me, it does not disappoint.

Once again, the town is perfectly mapped out and you get to discover some snazzy new places during your character development. One thing I found badass is that you’re able to dual say the least.
There are changes during battles that I was pleased to see weren’t as linear. Placement is important as you now have a grid to work with. It doesn’t increase difficulty per se but it’s more evolved than just selecting an attack and its target(s).

South Park: The Fractured But Whole Combat

The Combat Grid (via Ubisoft)

Progress tracking has been cleaned up and organized! Your entire menu will look way familiar to you as they’ve basically mimicked a device you use daily. Your map, character sheet, crafting etc is super easily accessible and a pleasure to navigate around. At least it was for me.


Aesthetically, the game looks great and I never experienced a stutter. I think this may be the only game I truly never stopped to think about animation since South Park does cutout animation – and in my opinion, they did more than enough for me to not make that a focal point whatsoever. I never once told myself “Wow this looks awful”.

You’re, for hours and hours, IN a South Park episode having a riot. I am not disappointed. I wouldn’t change a thing. The story is rude, socially uncomfortable and is constantly crossing boundaries. Everything we’d expect from South Park, of course.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole Coon and Friends

Coon and Friends (via Ubisoft)

As for game-play, there’s PLENTY to do, I’m never bored and I applaud Ubisoft and South Park Studios for setting the bar even higher. You come across celebrities, hilarious side plots, even the loading screen will crack you up.

Get it. Seriously… It’s everything you ever wanted. Plus,you get a kick ass backstory. Every superhero needs a backstory.

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