This week on the GoGCast, we unpack all the news that dropped this week, including Telltale Games shutting down, and Ali reviews Transference, Ubisoft’s latest VR game. We also have Canadian Gaming habits stats courtesy of Paypal and SuperData.

This week in news: YouTube Gaming App is no more, Sony announced the PS Classic, Spider-Man’s is Sony’s fastest selling game, Red Dead Online is coming this November and Capcom closes its Vancouver studio despite their increase in revenue.

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Canadian Gaming Insights Mentioned in this Episode (courtesy of Paypal Canada):

PayPal Canada shared new insights from SuperData Research which revealed that gamers in Canada spend an average of 52 hours every month playing online games and more than half of them (55%) are women. Canadian gamers have an average age of 35 years and are eight years younger than their US counterparts. The research shows that 45 percent of gamers in Canada play online or mobile games every day, compared to 39 per cent globally.

Canadian gamers spend $200 per year on full online games compared with a yearly spend of $128 on buying in-game content. These gamers are also far less likely to trade for in-game items than the global average (22% vs. 44%).

“Online gaming is exploding in Canada driven by Millennials”, said Paul Parisi, President PayPal Canada. “PayPal processed more than $12 billion globally in online game purchases with a 23 per cent increase year-over-year. Recognizing growth potentials, we’re making our checkout options easier for gamers and any online platforms, storefronts and stores that offer gaming.”

Choice of device – smartphones versus PCs and Gaming Consoles

Gamers in Canada play across an average of three devices, roughly in line with global averages. Smartphones (66%) are the device of choice when it comes to online gaming followed by tablets (43%), desktops (40%) and laptops (34%). Among women, 74 per cent play regularly on smartphones compared to only 58 percent of men. PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Xbox 360 were the most popular gaming consoles picked by Canadian gamers.

Other insights include:

  • Gamers in Canada play games an average of 26 times a month and spend two hours per session.
  • Mobile gamers skew heavily female (71%), while PC/console players skew male (56%).
  • PC/console players game for longer with an average of two hours per session, while mobile gamers play an average of 1.5 hours per session.
  • Almost half of online gamers in Canada (48%) live in an urban setting which is 15 per cent more than those in the US.

Study methodology

This study was conducted by SuperData on behalf of PayPal, between February and March 2018 across 25 markets with 25,000 active paying gamers interviewed globally.