We picked our top 5 games of the last decade and this was harder than we care to admit. Do you know how many great games came out in the last ten years? A LOT! 😱 So listen to find out which were our favourite games on the 2010s.

Bonus round! Check out Ali’s blog post where she picks a game for every year of the decade: https://eightbitblonde.blog/2019/12/31/top-10-games-of-the-decade/

Share with us your favourite game of the 2010s on Twitter, Facebook, in our Discord server or in the comments below.

Crew Check-in (00:03:15)

What is Everyone Playing? (00:14:28)

  • Unravel 2 first impressions (00:16:25)

This Week’s Topic: Games of the Decade (00:30:23)

  • 5 Runner Ups (00:32:58)
  • 5 Top Games (01:02:53)

Outro and Wrap-up (01:27:19)

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