Before we look to 2020, we’re looking back to 2019 one last time to talk about our favourite games of the year! It’s time to count down our top 3 games of the year all the way up to our favourite. We also talk about which titles barely made the list, which ones we wish we played this year but didn’t get to and even discuss dipping into our gaming backlog.

Share with us your Game of the Year of 2019 on Twitter, Facebook, in our Discord server or in the comments below.

This Week’s Topic: Game of the Year 2019 (00:02:52)

  • 3rd Place  (00:03:31)
  • 2nd Place  (00:10:20)
  • Games that barely made the list (00:22:08)
  • Games we wished we got to play but didn’t (00:33:25)
  • Top backlog game we played this year (00:41:47)
  • 1st Place (00:49:22)

Outro and Wrap-up (00:57:56)

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