Join us for a drive around Night City for this week’s GoGCast as Leah shares her first impressions of Cyberpunk 2077. It’s really buggy on console as of recording this so we might have to revisit this game later on after a few updates. Simon also shares his impressions of Shadowlands, the latest World of Warcraft expansion. The Game Awards 2020 came and went so we review who won our predictions game and share our highlights from the show. Also, enjoy some very giggly random stories about Harrison Ford, BTS and dating hot-lines.

Crew Check-in (00:02:35)

  • PSVR adapter for PS5 (00:25:15)

What is Everyone Playing? (00:32:42)

  • World of Warcraft Shadowlands (00:37:12)
  • Cyberpunk 2077 first impressions (00:45:00)

This Week’s Topic: The Game Awards recap (01:00:08)

Outro and Wrap-up (01:19:07)

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