It’s vacation season so Leah hosts a ‘Guys on Games’ episode, featuring guest of the week Sean Capri! Sean tells us all about his podcasts ‘We The GamerCast’, ‘The Xbox Drive’ and ‘The Nintendo Drive’, two of which are recorded while in the drive through getting a cup of joe ☕

While discussing what everyone is playing, Sean manages to convince Leah that picking up Skyward Sword is a good idea for her trip to NFLD, and to avoid Mario Golf. Simon is full into the Final Fantasy world, and Leah is still on that Minecraft grind. 

News wise, they discuss the progress on video game console sales, the treatment of workers not just being a AAA company problem, weird sound bites coming from the zombies in the Back 4 Blood beta and that EA is pretty happy with the sales of the Mass Effect Legendary Edition. 

To follow Sean and all the cool things he is working on, follow him on Twitter and check out his YouTube channel.

What is Everyone Playing? (00:25:54)

  • The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword (00:26:00)
  • Mario Golf  (00:31:41)
  • Final Fantasy I and Final Fantasy XIV (00:39:43)
  • Minecraft (00:46:50)

This Week’s News (00:51:22)

Outro and Wrap-up  (01:22:20)

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