This week’s podcast is chock full of indie game goodness! Nintendo hosted an Indie World Direct announcing that seven games were available right away including two that were highly anticipated by the team: Boyfriend Dungeon and Garden Story. You know they were insta-buys as soon as they were available and we played them! Cat reviews the rogue-like dungeon crawler and dating simulator hybrid Boyfriend Dungeon that lets you date your weapons. Leah shares her first impression of Garden Story, a cute pixel RPG with farming mechanics. 

What is Everyone Playing? (00:22:33)

  • Boyfriend Dungeon Review  (00:22:43)
  • Garden Story First Impressions  (00:43:10)

This Week’s News (00:49:21)

Outro and Wrap-up (01:05:30)

Munchie Pooky: 

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