Pierre-Olivier "GrahfShiro" Jourdenais

Fallout 4: Automatron + Wasteland Workshop DLC extravaganza! – Review

Fallout 4, already one of the largest, most content filled games on the market today, has released its first two DLC in the last month. You might wonder, as I often do with games this huge, what's the point of more content? You're unlikely to see everything the base game has to offer, so why go out and shell out more money for more stuff to do? But sometimes, it's just worth it nonetheless.... Read More >

Forza 6 gets injected with Porsche, and we love it – DLC Review

For the past few Forza games, with the exception of Motorsport 5 and Horizon 1, Porsche cars were not included in the games at launch but have been featured as DLC later down the road. Usually those DLCs are simple car packs, but this time Turn 10 went above and beyond; they’ve released a full fledged expansion. Which is highly appreciated, since I’m no big fan of car packs.... Read More >

Street Fighter V Review: Ain’t nothing else to do but fight.

Street Fighter IV was a juggernaut, a game perfect in almost every way. It’s generally regarded as being one of the best games of its generation, and most certainly the best fighting game of its time. However, as good as it was, it came out in 2008, before Twitch, before the explosion of eSports, and Capcom felt like it could release a game that was built from the ground up to better fit the needs of today’s market. Enter Street Fighter V.... Read More >

Pierre-Olivier "GrahfShiro" Jourdenais

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