First Person Shooter (FPS)

The Girls on Games Podcast Ep 38 – Lack of story in FPS Games & Gaming Gear Upkeep and Maintenance

The upcoming Black Ops game won't ship with a single player mode on PS3 and 360 while Rainbow Six Siege won't have one all together. This begs the question: do all FPS games really need story mode? Will you feel cheated if it's omitted from certain franchises? Plus, we talk gaming gear upkeep and maintenance: cleaning, fixing, all that good stuff.... Read More >

Battleborn, Born Ready – Demo First Impressions

When I walked into the Battleborn demo at Fan Expo 2015, I knew I was going to have fun, but I wasn't expecting to walk out with a potential GOTY pick. Gearbox's new FPS with MOBA-like tendencies managed to blow me away in just 25 minutes. In that short, action packed session I worked seamlessly with a group of strangers to complete objectives, down bosses and basically stop the apocalypse. ... Read More >