The gaming world is huge. Between websites, twitter, Facebook and all other platforms of exchange, keeping up with the ins and out of all things gaming-related is impossible. So we’re going to round-up quirky, interesting and breaking news of the (mostly) gaming persuasion for you to enjoy every week.


Galaxy Note Edge

Samsung has revealed their latest smartphone called Galaxy Note Edge just a week before Apple’s upcoming event. Check out Marques Brownlee’s first impressions video below (via YouTube):

New Watch Dogs DLC

Ubisoft has just released on their Ubiblog the announcement trailer for upcoming Watch Dogs DLC Bad Blood. Check out the trailer below and visit their blog post for more info:

Witty Marketing

Oh, the ensuing console war; the one that has kept me entertained in the comments section of any major gaming website for hours on end. Here, the latest dig comes to us from the top. Check out Microsoft’s attempt to get around PlayStation’s Destiny advertisement exclusivity here.

Destiny Fragrance



Three Wishes

The late (sigh) Robin Williams has been immortalized as an NPC in World of Warcraft. Here’s a glimpse:

Genie. Image via

Genie. Image via

Want more? Head over to Wowhead and check out more pics of the Genie in the beta of the upcoming Warlords of Draenor.

Become Legend

5 days, ladies and gents. 5 days until Destiny graces our consoles with Bungie epicness. To tide you over until we all collectively lose friendships and social lives in the name of saving humanity, here are two cool advertisements publisher Activision has given us (via The Verge):

Mock Google-Street view of the Destiny Universe:


Back To School

How cool is this?! Developer Epic Games is now making Unreal Engine 4 free for edumacative purposes. Want your College (CEGEP) or University to get it? Head over here and see how you can make it happen! (via Unreal Engine)

unreal 4 engine. Image via GameNewsPlaza

unreal 4 engine. Image via GameNewsPlaza

Rosebud, Rosebud, Rosebud

The Sims 4 is out (YAY) and the weird glitches, cheats and user-created quirks are making their rounds online. I haven’t played it yet; I’ve dubbed it my “Summer 2015 Jam” since the game would likely make me fail my final year as an undergrad if I were to pick it up now. Anyways, here are my faves so far:

The curious case of the Sims Demon Baby (via Kotaku):

This Giant Loo (via PCGamer):

And finally, for all you old folks (har, har), someone recreated Seinfeld in the game (via IanRoach):

Seinfeld. Image by IanRoach.

Seinfeld. Image by IanRoach.

Hello…. Kitty?

The Hello Kitty debacle continues this week, after some anthropologist last week decided to ruin childhoods (or,at least, confuse people) by stating that Hello Kitty isn’t a cat, but a wee little girl. But then Kotaku decided to add another layer of complexity by contacting Sanrio. They were told that Hello Kitty is an anthropomorphic personification of a cat. But that wasn’t enough; Yahoo! Japan got Sanrio’s president and founder to get to the bottom of Hello Kitty’s mystery. She’s now dubbed “an idol” (via Kotaku).

hello kitty. Image via MTV.

hello kitty. Image via MTV.

Oh, Lindsay

In new court papers made public, Rockstar claims that Lindsay Lohan sued them for publicity. GASP! NEVER! NOT LINDSAY! /sarcasm. If you guys need a refresher, Lohan wanted to sue developer Rockstar because she claims they used her likeness in game (via TMZ). Here’s the picture that was causing this kerfuffle:

GTA-5-Lohan. Image via

GTA-5-Lohan. Image – official game artwork



One Guy, One Girl and a Comic Shop

Heh. Here’s a pretty funny buzzfeed video about what kind of questions “geek girls” endure. However, there is a twist. Check it out below:



Old people and Oculus Rift. ‘Nuff said (via TheFineBros):



Sex ‘n Vidgee Games

And finally, want to read about “A Gloriously Stupid History of Sex in Video Games”? Check out Vice’s incredibly NSFW post here.


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