You Sir, or Madam, have the right to remain PROFANE!

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This week we’re looking at a man who personally inspires me to be the best gamer I can, while playing or not. He challenges me to see the gaming world from a different angle and pushes me to move out of my comfort zone when it comes to what I play. Today I’d like to introduce you to Cody Hargreaves, known on Twitch as ExcessiveProfanity.

The Caster

Cody is a Twitch variety caster from Australia with a great love and a deep knowledge of games. Previously living in Europe, he helped produce and manage a number of video game sites such as and the German In addition, his publications have featured in a number of other gaming sites. One thing can be said, Cody knows games and he knows the gaming industry.

About two years ago, Cody moved to Australia and began working for himself. It was around this time that Cody took up the username ExcessiveProfanity, and he began streaming on February 6th 2013. Though liberal with the language used in his stream, he’s a wonderful man who ensures that regardless of the game he’s playing, paying attention to his chat is one of his main priorities. As a viewer you always feel you’re a part of the evening with him. After just two years on Twitch, he’s built a brilliant and loving community.

The Stream

The first aspect of Cody’s stream most people might notice is the liberal use of profanity by many of the stream’s members. While most streamers keep the level of profanity to a relative low, Cody is notoriously liberal with the words allowed to be spoken on his channel (barring, of course, racial slurs). Being from Australia, this makes sense as most of the country doesn’t see many words we consider profane in the same fashion. I’ll be brutally honest, the stream isn’t for those who shy away or find offense at certain words. Regardless, I would encourage you to spend some time with the stream before passing judgment.

Cody’s writing roots run deep in his channel and a sense of professional integrity can be felt in one very strict rule that is maintained at all times: your opinions should be stated as opinions. For this rule, Cody is judge, jury and verbal executioner. He often reminds those in chat that while you’re free to feel how you wish about games, you should think twice before verbalizing your opinion as fact or an absolute. His journalism background provides an in-depth knowledge of games and many nights have been spent discussing the industry in great detail, as well as certain company’s actions with a more critical eye.

Cody has a obvious love for games, regardless of genre. He has mentioned on multiple occasions that his favorite series is Metal Gear Solid. Listening to him speak of this series invokes a sense of passion and it becomes plainly obvious that the games Cody plays are far more than a career or interest. He truly loves what he does and enjoys the time he spends with his viewers. This passion inspires me personally to better myself and what I do each day.

Warning: Video contains Excessive Profanity


On February 5th 2015, Cody achieved a goal he was working toward for almost 40 days: He became the Boshy. That means he completed a precision shooter known as “I Wanna be the Boshy”, considered by many to be one of the most difficult games developed. He spent 9 days straight trying to beat the final boss of the game: an overly malicious box of Danish cereal known only as Sol Gryn. That day was an achievement for Cody as well as all the viewers, who had been tuning in every night for almost a month and a half to see Cody succeed.

The next day was a sit down conversation on the second anniversary of ExcessiveProfanity on Twitch alongside his one year anniversary as a Twitch partner. Cody took the time to relax and talk with his supporters for a few hours before heading off to celebrate.

The Raid

Cody’s schedule can be a little unpredictable. As a variety caster, he switches his streaming times in order to appeal with his audience and reach the most people. One week he may be available at a time more convenient to those in the Americas, while he may schedule himself around European time zones the next.

The easiest way to see when you can hop into a stream with Cody would be by following him on twitter.