It’s time to smash that like button, subscribe to the channel, hit that notification bell, share bits and sparks because we’re talking about some of our favourite gaming content creators! Reviewing the list from episode 94 of the GoGCast, we shares some of our new favourite streamers and youtubers. From let’s players to reviewers and everything in between, we hope you’ll discover a new channel to follow that creates gaming content you’ll enjoy.

What’s Everyone Playing? (00:03:37)

This Week in News (00:20:00)

Topic: Like and Subscribe 2019 Edition (00:51:20)

Outro and Wrap-up (01:24:35)

Bonus Round!

Channels for the gadget and phone enthusiasts: MKBHD and Unbox Therapy

Some of the past GoGCast episodes featuring content creators:

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