Watching people play games online is as popular as playing the games themselves. We know the gaming community is amazing but a toxicity festers within it: console wars, “hard core gamers” and “filthy casuals”, unhealthy competitive behaviours, slurs confused for smack talk, the list goes on. However, what happens when a popular streamer goes beyond said toxicity and not only violates their chosen platform’s ToS but also an industry event’s rules and state law? Not much more than a slap on the wrist it seems. As independent creators including streamers are reaching celebrity status and finding themselves to be role models for a younger audience, we discuss the responsibility that comes with such popularity and the role played by the platform that supports them.

What’s Everyone Playing? (00:05:31)

  • Bloodstained First Impressions (00:10:45)

This Week in News (00:29:12)

Topic: The Responsibility of Streamers (00:51:22)

Outro and Wrap-up (01:28:05)

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