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Welcome to Twitch & Shout, your weekly spotlight on a Twitch broadcaster! Whether they feature mind-bending puzzles, heroic RPGs, or delve into the retro, we’re going to show you the casters we think you’ll love!

This week we’re setting our eyes a little closer to home with Montreal native Snooze A.K.A Onyx_snoozalot! I was asked to look into her by Alicia, and I’m very glad I took time to sit down and spend some time with her.

The Caster

I’m going to keep this short and sweet. I haven’t had the pleasure of knowing Snooze for the longest time, but I know a winner when I see one. Despite her (for now) small viewership, she acts like she’s on top of Twitch Mountain and makes sure you’re having a good time. You’re engaged, you’re entertained and if you hop in on the right night, you might get to join in on the gaming too!

The Stream

The first thing I’ve noticed about Snooze is how close she is to her viewership. You never quite feel as though you’re sitting down to watch her play games, rather you feel like you’re playing with her. There’s no show, no lights, no razzle dazzle when you’re in the chat room. If you tell a joke and she laughs, it’s because she finds it funny and finds you amusing. It’s so refreshing to have such a true interaction with someone and the time taken to ensure that interaction takes place is astonishing.

There are two things I like a lot about Snooze’s casts; first is my immediate willingness to hop in and spend an entire night with Snooze when some of my favourite casters may be on. Second, I find it absolutely impossible to lurk while she’s casting. The stream has a warm and welcoming feel that brings the friendly banter out from us all and I’ve never regretted a night in the channel.

Snooze has also been known to open her monthly Lootcrate on stream, so if you’re looking to fill that unboxing quota, hit up her twitch channel!


My favourite stream to date was the Evolve open Beta on XBOX One. Snooze invited other chat members to jump in and play with her and it was quite the experience. I’m looking forward to picking the game up and joining in on a session or two myself.

Another moment that stood out was the “Game Night” last week. A number of viewers joined Snooze in a brilliantly bizarre game of the Jackbox Party Collection. Hilarity ensues!

The Raid

No matter how you choose to look at it, Snooze’s channel is entertaining as all hell, and I’d support her at the drop of a hat. You should drop in her streams on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at 8:30 for an awesome experience!