Another year, another year in review! 🎉 We discuss what we thought were the biggest things that came out of gaming in 2019, including news stories, disappointments, surprises and overarching trends. We also share what we’re looking forward to in the next year as we’re about to kick off the new decade 🍾
Share with us what were your most memorable gaming moments of 2019 on Twitter, Facebook, in our Discord server or in the comments below.

Crew Check-In

  • The Mandalorian (00:13:26)
  • The Witcher TV show (00:14:38)

This Week’s Topic: 2019 Year in Review (00:22:18)

  • Biggest news stories of the year (00:23:00)
  • Biggest disappointments of the year (00:38:12)
  • Biggest surprises (00:51:20)
  • Overarching trends of 2019 (01:03:39)
  • Looking forward into 2020 (01:12:09)

Outro and Wrap-up (01:17:09)

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