Catherine Ashley

Delta Squad 2 - Image by The Coalition

Gears of War Ultimate Edition Review: From Past to Present

It’s always advisable to approach video game rereleases and refurbishes with some trepidation. Games that were great a decade ago don’t necessarily transcend time and space in the gaming world. Video game trends flux and flow; titles and genres can succumb to the passage of time. As *the* defining title of ye olde Xbox 360 (sorry, Chief), Gears of War’s innovation could have been lost in translation. Thankfully, this isn’t really the case; yet it isn’t not the case either. Yes, this brings up a conundrum.... Read More >
Rae - Image by Tiger & Squid

OPINION: A Shift in Perspective: Narratives of Blindness in Beyond Eyes

I’ve had to wear glasses since I was in the 6th grade, and without them the world becomes a bit more hostile, a bit more uncomfortable and a bit more claustrophobic. Maybe that’s why I had such a strong reaction to Beyond Eyes. Simplistic in its mechanics, yet complex in narrative, Beyond Eyes forced me to grapple with my own fears, biases and contemplate what it means to live without sight.... Read More >
Image by WB Games Montreal

WB Games Montreal Turned 5 Years Old And Have Some Exciting Things Planned!

What started out as a small team with a handful of people is quickly becoming one of the city's leading video game studios, with a growing team and some exciting new projects coming up. Check out the video to catch a glimpse inside the studio who brought us Arkham: Origins, how they commemorated their 5 years and what they have planned going forward.... Read More >

Catherine Ashley

Senior Feature Writer

Cat Ashley is an aspiring Anthropologist killin’ it in her final year at Concordia University. She’s a student by day, waitress by night and gamer in between. From her humble beginnings playing Wolfenstein 3D on the SNES, her love for FPS’ isn’t dwindled since. She’s a fanatic for anything horror, sci-fi and fantasy related. Oh, and she used to believe she’d become Sailor Moon when she turned 14. Catherine works with the Internal Community Development team over at Ubisoft. While she has many opinions, none of the them reflect Ubisoft. Only her own. Don't like her opinions? It's all on her.