PlayStation Dualshock 4 Controller. Photo © Catherine Smith-Desbiens / Girls on Games

OPINION: The Democratization of Video Games in 2015

The gaming industry and community is constantly in flux and flow; ever changing the way it interacts with, and constructs itself through the medium. As technology and communication continuously develops and reinvents itself, one of the more beneficial and progressive transformations has been the democratization of video games. This has been an ongoing process for the last decade or so, but as part of the obligatory reflection that ensues at the year-end, I feel as if this movement to communize the industry really flourished in this year.... Read More >

The Anxious Gamer

Anxiety is a sneaky bitch. You feel inside you that something is wrong; something is different. Why can’t you enjoy things like other people do? The most difficult aspect for me to deal with is starting a new game.... Read More >
Rae - Image by Tiger & Squid

OPINION: A Shift in Perspective: Narratives of Blindness in Beyond Eyes

I’ve had to wear glasses since I was in the 6th grade, and without them the world becomes a bit more hostile, a bit more uncomfortable and a bit more claustrophobic. Maybe that’s why I had such a strong reaction to Beyond Eyes. Simplistic in its mechanics, yet complex in narrative, Beyond Eyes forced me to grapple with my own fears, biases and contemplate what it means to live without sight.... Read More >
Sex/Race: A Cultural Revolution in Games Panel From Montreal Comiccon 2015

Sex/Race: A Cultural Revolution in Games Panel From Montreal Comiccon 2015

Video games, unlike other forms of mainstream media, allow its audience to not just experience its content but also participate in it, offering a unique form of escapism. Are we seeing a social evolution in gaming, one where race, sexuality and gender can be freed of harmful stereotypes?... Read More >
The Wtcher 3 : Wild Hunt

OPINION: Why Polygon’s Arthur Gies’ The Witcher 3 Review Is Not Toxic To The Industry, But Crucial.

Alright, so I wasn't planning on commenting on the latest sort-of controversy brought about by Polygon’s Arthur Gies’ review of the Witcher 3, but a particular response to it, written by The Vanishing of Ethan Carter’s Adrian Chmielarz, frustrated me. Not only did it frustrate me, it kind of baffled me at the same time - but I’ll get to that in a bit.... Read More >