Ali went to PAX West and played some games! She shares her top 5 favourite games that she got to play on the PAX West showfloor. Plus, we talk about the latest Nintendo Direct and Leah has first impressions of Gears 5. All this and more in this jam-packed episode of the GoGCast.

What is Everyone Playing? (00:17:17)

  • Gears 5 first impressions (00:26:42)
  • Pokémon Masters first impressions (00:28:23)

September’s GoG Challenge: childhood edutainment games (00:30:38)

This Week’s News (00:39:40)

This Week’s Topic: The Games of PAX West 2019 (00:51:55)

  • Project Witchstone, Spearhead Games (00:54:00)
  • Spiritfarer, Thunder Lotus Games (00:57:08)
  • Roundguard, Wonderbelly Studios (01:01:36)
  • Stranded Sails: Explorers of the Cursed Islands, Lemonbomb Entertainment (01:03:37)
  • Best Friends Forever, Starcolt Studios (01:06:55)

Outro and Wrap-up (01:13:04)

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